Professional Auto Detailing

Updated February 19,2020

Professional auto detailing requires superior products and attention to details. But before we get into that let me ask you a few questions.

What was it that you loved about your car or truck when you first purchased it? Was it the deep color and the spectacular shine in the showroom? Was it that new car scent? The dust free dash and instrument panel? And how about that engine? It too was something that you loved to show your friends! How much did you pay for all that shine and new look?

Well... how does that car or truck look now?

Replacing the car you once loved will cost you thousands of dollars and payments of hundreds of dollars per month.

Why not consider spending two hundred to five hundred dollars in professional auto detailing and having your current ride completely cleaned and polished inside and out. It will look like new again for the price of a single car payment!

Auto detailing will make you fall in love with your car all over again.

About Element Auto Spa in Richmond!

Element Auto Spa is a leading auto detailer in Richmond with mobile service in the Vancouver metro area available if required. Their goal is to provide the best quality results on your vehicle regardless of its condition. They are also certified applicators of the incredible Gyeon Ceramic Pro Coating!

They offer the following services.  Phone or Text:  778-712-0459

- Interior Auto Detailing
- Exterior Auto Detailing
- Cut polishing of small scratches
- Engine Auto Detailing
- Gyeon Ceramic Pro Coating
- Paint Correction

Before and After Interior Auto Detailing

Exterior Auto Detailing

Exterior detailing should include a complete wash, clay bar treatment, cut polishing and final polish. The proper use of professional polishers and polishes will not leave swirl marks. Smaller scratches will be easily removed, faded paint will look new. You will once again enjoy deep, rich colors of a new car. We strongly suggest doing this process once a year.

Here are some videos of auto cleaning and detailing tips if you wish to save some money and do it yourself.

Once the polishing is done, Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair will be able to remove all the small dents and dings from your car or truck, bringing it back to its original condition!

Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair home page
from this Auto Detailing page!

Photo Credit:
Porsche Carrera GT: Georg Schwalbach at Flickr
Video of auto polishing: Clean Dean Auto Detailing Buffing Demo

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