Benefits of
Paintless Dent Repair or Removal

The benefits of using Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair to you as a customer are numerous! Paintless dent repair or removal is often referred to as an art. Some call it magic! We will make dents disappear before your eyes!

In order to remove dents from a vehicle without painting takes years of training and practice from an expert P.D.R. technician. An expert technician will make it look easy but please remember that it takes training, practice and patience to remove even the smallest of dents!

You will be pleased with the results using Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair & Removal.

No fillers or paint are used: The benefit to this is that there is no need to worry about “matching the paint” or “texture” difference in the look of the paint. The vehicle will keep its original paint and will never fade different colors in the future.

Environmentally friendly: The benefit is to the environment. There are no fillers used. No paint or containers to be disposed of after. No toxic cleaning supplies to be disposed of after the repair.

Quick Repair: Some dent repairs may take as little as 15 minutes! In most cases you will have your car repaired the very same day. A body shop can take all day if not 2-3 days to do the same repair.

Mobile Service: If requested, we will come to you! This will free up your day to do what you like to do in your home. We just cannot fix it while you are driving!

We offer mobile dent repair service in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey and Langley!
* A convenience fee is applicable on this service.*

Cost Efficient: Paintless dent removal is one of the most cost efficient methods of dent repair available. Painting a single door (even for a very small dent) could cost hundreds of dollars. With Vancouver Paintless Dent Removal, you will most likely pay a fraction of the price for your dent repair.

Vehicle Resale Value: With the help of Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair your vehicle will stay looking new and will retain more of its resale value than if you were to try to sell it “as is”. The advantage to you is, you will most likely be able to sell it faster! Once repaired you may want to keep your car longer because of its “as new” look!

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Let us take care of those annoying dents!

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